2018-04-07 20:24:14
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um……i think i'm wrong, i had lost my days for a long time. i always think my own time should be spent with my family, because where is my home where is my dream, but i'm wrong for the nowadays.I was frozen by somebody, but the time does not be frozen,it always run faster than my heart.

now when i have seen the whole film named 《frozen》,I have got my own heartbeat,I suddenly recall my life.He is a cuty sunny boy, and always smile on my face, also want to bring the happiness to who are living around me, I'm always happy from the other's happy sad from the other's sad, I'm from my dad and mom, and the all person who join with me.

Actally i feel happy with my friends and my family but all the things is changed from 2009,and I just chose to escape from school and live in house, but all the things had never been changing and become worse and worse my heart would be frozen by myself just like 《frozen》's Erca but i can't sing so beautiful like Erca, I just go to the net and play computergames, my lifestyle become simple and terrible. Just to 2011~2013 i got a very serious depression, I always feel i well die soon, my cuty sunny hopes well disappear-my heart was broken down.

The most important things is that i have lost my English and broke it even betrayed it. I learnt my English and love English when I am 5-year-old,that day all kinds of my friends didn't have the chance to touch the English, than in my 7-year-old life, I can use the English to make sentences and communicate with some my English teacher.I think I have talent to study the foreign language.

another way. because of the terrible learning environment, I have lost many friends who are cuty and suuny, I look on them as my life and I lost my life.

But now I am back. so many things i should let them go and so many things i should take them on, the first i should take myself and my family on because its the truly one in my life.

let it go

And i just back.